Beyond offering custom products at competitive prices, CSi brings our wide range of engineering talents to quickly develop integrated system solutions for use with existing customer platforms and components.
  When available, CSi can leverage existing sensors or actuators available on the customer engine, adapting the ECU designs to interface with components which might otherwise be replaced at a loss.
  CSi engineers can provide rapid prototyping services for intake manifolds, actuators, throttle bodies, and other engine components. We can also source/supply production volumes of the same.
  We provide wiring harness development and sourcing services. This includes training of production personnel on best practices for system installation on the line.
  A wide range of engine AC, water brake, and hydraulic dynamometers are available for performance and emissions testing. This includes emissions testing via CVS tunnel [g/hp-hr] and EPA/CARB cycle durability testing. CSi also has a variety of load banks available for generator testing and development.
  In addition to new products, CSi also develops retrofit and replacement controls for equipment service applications where end-of-life-cycle manufacturing or pricing has made procurement of O.E.M. controls unattractive.
  Already have a product? CSi offers technical consulting to improve your product or get it to production faster.

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