Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.


CSi manufactures a complete gaseous fuel engine management system for MFCA forklift trucks. This ECU provides drive-by-wire throttle control and propane air/fuel ratio control with lambda feedback.

CAT Mitsubishi

Miller Electric

Miller Electric

When Miller was seeking best-in-class electronic governing for the Trailblazer series welder/generators, they came to CSi for answer. The HSC family of electronic governing systems provides accurate, cost-effective engine control.


Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing

Think of high performance and F1 comes to mind. CSi ECUs are the choice for Mercury Racing's outboard race engines. We supply the digital fuel injection electronics for the Formula One UIM Championships, ChampBoat, and Drag Racing engines.

F1 Racing Boat

Hirth Engines

Hirth Logo

Hirth Engines utilize the FCR family of electronic fuel injection systems. CSi provides electronic fuel injection and pilot command fly-by-wire engine controls with aerospace reliability and control, all in one module.

Advanced Engine Development Corporation

AED Hawk V-8

When AED develops defense grade engine systems, they come to us for our highly specialized electronic control solutions and engine know-how. Our quick turn-around times help AED develop next generation technologies and unconventional engines.

The list goes on...

Advanced Engine Development Corporation
Atlas Copco Hurricane LLC
Brucato Services, Inc.
Brunswick Marine (Mercury Performance Products)
Dewey Electronics
Digital Engines LLC
EMT- Germany
Energy Kinetics, Inc.
Goebler Hirth Motoren, GmbH
Heraeus GmbH & Co.
Holley Performance Products
Intellichoice Energy
Kohler Engines
Land & Sea, Inc.
Lister-Petter Americas, Inc.
RapidParts, Inc.
Robin/Fuji Engines
Woodward Controls
Zenith Fuel Systems, Inc.

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